brand i·den·ti·ty

How a business wants to be perceived by consumers.

What’s the difference between an organization who has consumers and one that is backed by genuine fanatics?  Organizations that have and continue to communicate a consistent message that furthers their personal brand story will see a greater rise in support from its target audience.  But organizations that are having an identity crisis will continue to keep its audience at a distance, instead of inspiring them to become fans. You can shape your organization's personal story through content, social media, logo’s and color schemes. But have you ever wondered how having great branded merchandise could carry your company’s story further?

Humans love expressing who they are, in fact we do it all the time. The sticker on the Jeep, that coffee mug from your favorite roaster, or that reusable grocery bag you can’t go without. Wait, grocery bags? Yes. Even branded grocery bags speak. When you successfully develop and nail down your brand's story it can inspire your audience to make it apart of their own life journey. But one must understand what it takes for their branded merchandise to really take off. 

Well thought out products that support CU Online's brand image. 

Well thought out products that support CU Online's brand image. 


A myth surrounding merchandise is that all you have to do is "PLACE YOUR LOGO HERE."  But a displayed logo does not mean you are developing your story well. Great branded merchandise is a balancing act between a compelling design paired with a quality product. Sure you could slap your logo on a boxy, uncomfortable shirt, but is that really carrying your message and identity as far as it could go?

When you find a product that you want wearing your name or logo -- it should be dripping with purpose. Branded merchandise is a fantastic way to capitalize upon the "Word Of Mouth" marketing method. It increases brand awareness and speaks clearly of who the brand is. When your audience comes in contact with your branded merchandise, we hope they would feel inspired and become ambassadors of your story, by making it apart of theirs. 

- Keala