You can see her through the big storefront windows of 1441 Wazee St. long after Imprints Lodo has closed its doors for the day. Working away at her computer tying up loose ends, calling vendors, or responding to the mile long email list, she is always working to assure that her clients aren’t left out of the loop on anything.  Megan Chalupsky has been working diligently at Imprints Lodo for four years and to say she knows a thing or two about the promotional marketing industry would be an understatement.

This past March, Tommy Berry the original owner of Imprints Lodo hung up his hat and passed the torch onto Megan entrusting her with his legacy, and she was more than ready to take on the new challenge of being a business owner. Her day to day tasks may look the same to the untrained eye but her favorite part of the job is the variation of the industry.

“Every day is different. I constantly have my hands in different projects in all different industries. I’m always working with different products, logos, and vendors,” Chalupsky said.


After several years of being fully emerged in the promotional marketing industry Megan has had the opportunity to work alongside multiple industries all needing different products that fit their brand needs. The walls, windows, and drawers are well stocked with many different promotional product ideas and concepts in order to cast the perfect brainstorm. From dancing robots to your classic drink-ware, there seems to be an endless amount of options.  “I’m always surprised by the amount of products available to us and being able to see which ones people love and which ones they really don’t want,” she said.  

And while there are hundreds of products decorating the walls of Imprints Lodo, it is only the tip of the iceberg of what one could use to brand or promote themselves. So, what’s the difference between ordering from Megan versus any of the other many promo product distributors in the city of Denver?

“A lot of our competition is what I would define as ‘order takers’ and if you want my job, then please, come and take it,” she said.  “But if your job is not to search through thousands of products, within budget, looking into printing dimensions, decoration methods etc. then that’s where we fit.”

Often times a potential client will wander into the space of Imprints Lodo asking for a catalog to sift through, but they won’t find one inside of these walls. “We are not order takers, we are consultants. I love that we get the chance to really become familiar with our clients and guide them through the products that will best fit them. We are always on the lookout for something new or popular and are always striving to be proactive about sending ideas to our clients,” she said.  

Every business comes with its challenges and hurdles that must be overcome. In this industry it’s easy to shop for promo products online, but often times this results in sending the wrong message to your own clients by giving away items that will end up in the trash anyway. Naturally its common to shop around for the best deals but this can lead to a lack of communication and a missed opportunity to better promote your brand. Imprints Lodo isn’t trying to fulfill an order and slap a logo on something cheap and fast, their mission runs deeper than that. 

“We are looking to be your partner, but this means that communication lines with me have to be open and honest,” she said.  “If we can’t beat a screamin’ deal on something we will tell you that. But if we suggest something out of price range or the product we suggested isn’t quite the right color (or whatever) don’t hesitate to tell us! It’s our job to sift through the thousands of products in order to find the right ones for your brand and business.”