It's your first day at the new job and the butterflies in your stomach refuse to settle down.  On your commute, your breath has turned to slightly smaller shallower gasps leaving a surge of adrenaline pumping through your veins. It's going to be awkward, people are going to want to shake your hand and you're already so worried about being amazing at the job. 

When you get to the office, you're kindly escorted to your naked and empty desk- and there it is. A package, with your name on it. As you awkwardly fumble with it and finally get it open-inside is a wealth of goodies accompanied by a welcome to the team note. Inside you find a beautifully designed water bottle with sleek etching on it. The bottle is sitting comfortably on a North Face jacket (in your size) with the businesses name embroidered on the left chest. Next to the jacket is a notepad with your organizations logo and a pen that somehow makes your handwriting look like you took a professional calligraphy class back in college. 

In that moment, you forgot about the nerves, the handshakes and the introductions. You felt something you've never felt before. You felt apart of something, something great, something that wanted you there. 

This trend of gifting to new employees is hot and for good reasons.  A new hire welcome gift is more than company swag. It invites someone in to feel immediately appreciated and apart of your team before they even really begin. So what are you waiting for? Below are seven ideas that we think would be great in a new hire welcome gift package! Let's make some people feel really welcome with high quality branded merchandise and set up those new hires to succeed. 


Water Bottles. Especially good quality waterbottles with great design options! 


Tech Taco's! Sensible, creative and tacos. 


Hoodies that are cozy and uniquely decorated. 


Stationary. Useful, beautiful, and functional.



Brand name backpacks that we can embroider for you!



Multi use bags that your logo belongs on.



Tech kits, because "Does anyone have a charger?"