When you're a new business hitting the streets it's vital to have your branding and imagery nailed down.  Summit Fitness LLC. approached us with the details of their grand opening and that they were in need of a fresh design for their branded merchandise.

I did my homework and took a look at all their social media accounts and website. I asked them to send some designs that they felt drawn to and inspired by. 

I knew that this graphic was going to need to be attention grabbing and bold. In their old logo I noticed that they had incorporated mountains and I absolutely wanted to include them into this design. In the designs they sent I noticed a common theme, bold, strong, and attention grabbing.  

I wanted to make sure that their clients, families, friends and potential clients were going to feel an emotional connection to this design, so that they would be proud to rock this shirt around town or at the gym.

Since they chose to screen print the shirts, when choosing colors I made sure a major portion of the design was going to incorporate a "knockout" technique (where the shirt color comes through). This keeps the amount of screens used down and keeps the cost of the shirt in a affordable range. Congratulations on your grand opening Summit Fitness LLC. and thank you for letting us partner with you on this project!  


- Keala